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Founded in 1954 in Germany, Werner Christ designs high quality leather and lambskin products for the modern man’s needs. With a commitment to sustainability, the family run business produces its pieces in company owned factories to ensure adherence to the highest level of standards. Utilizing exceptional raw materials that are produced in-house, Werner Christ delivers a final product with artisan quality. Luxurious, comfortable, and lightweight - the most impeccable description of all Werner Christ pieces.

Tanneries are essential to quality leather making, however the process is very water intensive and harmful to the planet. Werner Christ has challenged these practices with a commitment to completely switch to renewable resources. Following these initiatives, the brand built a solar energy plant which saved 20% of energy utilized in their factories. Werner Christ took its commitment to sustainability further by utilizing a high speed chipping machine to optimize the combustion process, in turn saving energy. With these innovations, the brand will have renewable energy for the next 50 years, translating to no CO2 emissions for the same time period. As testament to its ethical practices, since 1997 the brand has received the seal of approval from the Test and Research Institute Reutlingen.